Sunday, February 06, 2005

Colbert on Bush's State of the Union

A great bittorent (not that I recommend using that service, but..). Here is a little something from the February 3, 2005 show to wet your appetite.

Jon (Stewart): Lets talk about domestic policy.

Stephen (Colbert): OK.

Jon: If you will. A major component of last night's speech; a particular emphasis on social security.

Stephen: Baah!..No!

Jon: I am sorry, what is it?

Stephen: Jesus Jon, you scared the hell out of me. Social Security! Don’t even kid about that. You heard the president, it is going to be gone in like, 40 years and we are all doomed. We are all going to be on the street eating dog food. And not that delicious canned kind, Jon; the dry stuff.

Jon: Stephen, I can't believe how scared you are. I mean honestly, the social security thing seems like a theoretical crisis. We have no idea what is going to happen in 40 years.

Stephen: That's why we have to deal with it now, Jon. Eisenhower ignored the Internet Bubble of the 1990’s and look what happen to the stock market. Bush will not make the same mistake.

Jon: But Stephen, this reminds me a lot about how they sold the Iraqi war. The used scare tactics in many respects.

Stephen: You mean the War of Iraqi Liberation?

Jon: Well they are calling it that now, but in 2003 this is how they presented it:

[Bush's 2003 Address]
America will not accept a serious and mounting threat to our country and our friends and our allies....If Saddam Hussein does not fully disarm for the safety of our people and the peace of the world we will lead a collision to disarm him.
Stephen: Yeah, I was never behind the preemptive strike thing. It made us seem weak; acting out of fear. But I will tell you this glorious army of compassion; great liberators brining democracy to the world stuff. That is a rationale for war I could get behind; retroactively.

Jon: But, Stephen to say that in 2005 our goal was to liberate Iraq; it is very convenient and not really what happened.

Stephen: Look Jon, should we have revised history sooner? Of course. And I am sure that in the future we will. But for now the important thing is that we have already learned from the mistakes we never made. Jon.

Jon: Thank you. Stephen Colbert. We will be right back.


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